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Monday, 2 June 2014

March for Justice 4 Kingsley Burrell

SOUK Presents: Kingsley Burrell (No Justice No Peace)

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Kingsley Burrell, 29, dialled 999 after being threatened by a group of men while with his young son in Icknield Port Road, Birmingham, on March 27 last year.

But when officers turned up they detained the trainee security guard under the Mental Health Act -- despite his family saying he had no history of mental illness.
Kedisha and Kingsgley's daughter Travita

Within hours Mr Burrell was sectioned and taken to a mental health unit in the city, where his family claim he had mysterious physical injuries and was not allowed to speak to them.

Three days later, police were called to the Mary Seacole mental institute in Winson Green after an "incident" involving the dad-of-two and he was transferred to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, where he died on March 31 2011


The release of Kingsley's body has been further delayed because police watchdog, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC), called in Dorset Police to investigate National Health Service (NHS) staff who were involved in the disturbance, which subsequently led to his death.

Brown-Burrell, who accused authorities of staging a cover-up, said the delay in the investigation means prolonged distress for her family, especially as Dorset police told her it could be July before she gets further news.

She said: "They (The IPCC) say Dorset Police murder squad (has) been assigned on the case to comb every detail from January, saying (then) they have to be on the case another six months. Obviously that's going to delay Kingsley's body being released. (This is) despite being told it would initially (be) six to nine months by the IPCC. That was back in April last year."

"The IPCC main investigator has left and now Kingsley's whole file has been shipped to Cardiff. Tell me. What does that mean? Corruption already, And the case has not even started."

Dorset Police said: "The investigation is ongoing and a number of medical professionals and ambulance staff are helping Dorset Police with their enquiries."

It added: "We are in regular contact with HM Coroner and are acutely aware of the family's concerns regarding the release of Mr. Burrell's body. We are actively pursuing enquiries that will allow Mr. Burrell's body to be released at the earliest possible opportunity."

An IPCC spokesman said: "We appreciate the need for urgency and the difficult position the family are in. We are also wishing to ensure the investigation is thorough and provides answers. It is not our decision whether to release the body. We understand the Coroner is awaiting the conclusion of the Dorset Police investigation. We have kept the family, their representatives and the Coroner regularly updated."

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