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Wednesday, 5 March 2014


People For Schapelle Corby

They are everywhere, following her, stalking her, chasing her: always there somewhere. She has no peace, no freedom, no sanctuary. Like a pack of dogs, they wait for her to appear, and then pounce, with no regard for her welfare, her safety, or her feelings.

She cannot even speak: for she has been gagged, under threat of being thrown back into the hell she has just escaped from.

They intrude. They plant secret cameras. They spy with zoom lenses from every possible vantage point. Through windows and through keyholes... everywhere and anywhere... they watch and record.

She hasn't got a moments peace. She has no privacy.

She is tormented. She is traumatized. She is frightened.

This video clip demonstrates this absolutely clearly, as a ruthless Australian television crew intrudes into her family's compound. Her shock and her fear, is visible. She is haunted.

But they are relentless. They continue, 24x7. They are there now, surrounding her, as you read this. They will be there every moment, today, tomorrow, next week.

She sometimes locks herself in the bathroom, for hours on end, away from prying eyes and intrusive camera lenses. She is suffering, badly.

Meanwhile, Australian journalists openly mock and ridicule, back slapping amongst themselves on Twitter. The Australian government sneers, with one political reptile recently caught referring to her as a 'bogan'.

She has nowhere to turn and no-one to turn to.

She needs our help: and step one of providing that help is outrage. It is confronting those responsible: journalists, politicians, the AFP, and all those hiding in the woodwork of the establishment. It is taking the truth, which they fear so much, to the world.

Start by sharing this post, and sharing the information on the Expendable.TV website

You can also send a message to Schapelle herself, to let her know that she is not alone, and never will be:

This torment, this stain on humanity, must stop.

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