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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Terrance Bowman-Taylor 03/05/14 Medical Update

Terrance back hurts when standing & laying down on his back.  Neck hurts when sitting & laying down especially on the left side.  He feels the pain down into his left shoulder.  When he sits down Terrance feels the pain in his buttocks, hip, down his leg into his right foot which is usually number.
On 02/18/14 after x-rays confirmed that Terrance has thoracic dextroscoliosis, Dr. Clarence Falcoun told Terrance that he had to deal with being in pain & having these spinal injuries. Dr. Falcoun refuses to send Terrance to see the in-house neurologist or to order him a therapeutic mattress, back brace high top orthopedic shoes, a neck brace or anything to deal with having these injuries.  Terrance is also being denied therapy.  Dr. Falcoun refuses to send Terrance to see a specialist about his thyroid glands; they don’t know what’s really wrong with Terrance thyroids; thyroid cancer runs in Terrance family. 
Terrance legs feels extremely weak; at times when he walks it feels like he has no control of his feet and Dr. Clarence Falcoun stated to Terrance this was because a nerve was being pinched I his lumbar spine.  After Dr. Falcoun told Terrance he still refuses to send him to the neurologist. 
Terrance thoracic scoliosis is between T6 to T10. 

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