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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

People For Schapelle Corby

Today’s breaking news, from the Australian media is, as so often the case, false. The claims, that Schapelle grabbed a knife, self-harmed, and tried to kill herself, are another invention.

Schapelle is hugely distressed. She is stalked 24x7 by a ruthless mob, sponsored by the Australian media. In the media itself, every word is being distorted, particularly from her sister Mercedes.

Often this is used to create and manufacture issues and risks in Indonesia. Fairfax Media has been at the forefront of this, as revealed yesterday:

And even today, the media has rolled out the likes of Tim Lindsey, of the government sponsored Australia Indonesia Institute, and have continued to take Mercedes Corby's words out of context, further fanning the flames in Indonesia.

Schapelle is deeply upset. She has no privacy, and no freedom. She sees the pressure to have her thrown back into prison constantly and wilfully being increased, from Australia. No-one is helping her: the Australian government are silent, she cannot speak for herself, and she cannot leave her current location. She is trapped, mentally and physically.

But she did not attempt suicide.

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