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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Pennies for paupers and dam busting greed.

A letter a day to number 10. No 677.

Monday 10 March 2014. Pennies for paupers and dam busting greed.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

I have this incredible picture of the Aswan Dam and the perception that what lies behind the dam is all the tax money you take from us and that the water from the sluice gates is what you give us in services and the like, but it isn't like that at all.

We, the people, are right at the other end of the great reservoir, furthest from the dam, with tea spoons, supping drops of water. The dam is where all the corporate action is and you have opened every flood gate and are pouring tax money into private contracts, including the money sump of PFI's; in the hundreds of billions of pounds. Great pounding, relentless, cataracts of money pouring out, whilst at the other end the money shrinks away from us, stolen from our lives, the produce of our bodies, our labour, for private gain. In fact your plan is to blow the dam with the full implementation of the privatised state, including our NHS.

Tax cuts, the sweeties that the parties will throw out to tantalise and titillate the nation in the build up to the general election, are just small drips of water to people on minimum wage, zero hours contracts and part time work. If you gave a tinkers cuss about poverty you'd raise wages; in real terms wages have fallen by 2.2% annually since the first three months of 2010. Fiddling with tax thresholds while wages burn is no use to man nor beast.

You claim to want to make work pay and yet the real time way you are achieving this is by slashing benefits and increasing sanctions for people on benefits. Making work pay should involve rising expectations along with rising pay, instead you are making it a race to the bottom by whipping the carpet out from under the feet of poor people. Before some fool argues that having a carpet under their feet is typical of the culture of entitlement amongst poor people, it was a metaphor, fool, the benefits debacle is less of a carpet being whipped away as a sledge hammer, wielded by Iain Duncan Smith, beating down.

The build up to the general election is going to be fascinating, watching you throw sweeties to the crowd with intent to plunder. You came into government with well laid plans to plunder the nation and that aim will not change one iota despite all false promises to the contrary. Education, health, welfare, work programmes, front line services, social provision, all of it up for grabs, if it hasn't gone already.






 — in Peasedown Saint John.

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