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Saturday, 15 March 2014

I believe the most beautiful, heroic people

“I believe the most beautiful, heroic people in the world are those who have taken the hard times they’ve been through in life and turned them into something positive, the ones who are not afraid to share their story or to be themselves, the ones who don’t hide behind who they are because they are not ashamed of what they’ve experienced or endured in life, the ones who have used that pain they’ve felt to create something beautiful from it thus inspiring and encouraging others around them, the ones who have faced some of the toughest challenges and fought some of the hardest battles and yet they still continue to stand strong, refusing to give up or admit to defeat, the ones who are just so passionate about their life that they pour their heart and soul into living and enjoying each moment, the ones who have known dark times but use their light to guide others because of those experiences they have had, and the ones who haven’t lost their faith despite encountering obstacles but have worked hard to rise above and get where they are today. They are heroic because they have the courage, strength, determination and bravery to turn the negative into something positive and they are beautiful because they choose to be themselves and make a difference and a change in the lives of those around them by sharing who they are with them. Yet they aren’t even aware of their own beauty or just how much of a hero they are to so many out there. To me, these are the ones who create a lasting impact that can be felt and seen in the lives of all those around them.”

Jenna Kandyce Linch

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