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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Remember, the best and sweetest payback

Let your love for those who are in your life, the ones who want to be there for you, who have chosen to remain a part of your life and who love you the way you are, who care about you, and are there for you be greater than the anger you feel towards those who hurt you in your past.  The people in your life now are the ones whose love is healing the hurt and pain that those who left caused you but never look at it as being the one left behind by those in your past.  Rather think of it as you being the one to leave them behind in order to move on to a better life and live in the freedom of who you are as you celebrate the ones in your life now who are worth having in it because they make it even more special and beautiful, giving it meaning,  and celebrating the victory you gained by breaking those chains that held you back from living your life and being who you were always meant to be.  Remember, the best and sweetest payback when it comes to those who hurt you isn't retaliation but it's continuing to live your life fully, showing them that you are not afraid, that they have no control whatsoever in your present, and proving to yourself just how strong and courageous you really are because you know you have what it takes to make it without them.  Don't let those who hurt you in the past ruin the future for those who truly do love you and wish to be a part of your life.  Embrace, love, cherish, treasure and hold close the special friends and family who appreciate and love you the way you are and don't wish to change you and let go of the ones who caused you pain; replace those bad memories with the good memories you are making now with the ones who mean the most to you and that you mean the most to in life.

Jenna Kandyce Linch

Copyright (c) Jenna Kandyce Linch

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