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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Kym Worthy

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Kym Worthy's office faces a pretty big dilemma if her office decides not to appeal the favorable ruling we got from the Michigan Court of Appeals yesterday in Davontae Sanford's case. It will be interesting to see if Judge Sullivan, after hearing the newly-discovered evidence of Smothers' confession on the record, allows Sanford to withdraw his plea. The prosecutor's office would be faced with a quandary of deciding to then charge Smothers and drop the charges against Davontae or charge them both. How could she charge them both based on two separate "confessions" in which neither of them mentioned the other? Smothers, however, mentioned an accomplice named Nemo Davis and led DPD to Davis' home where the gun used in the killings for which Davontae was wrongfully convicted was positively identified by DPD as the murder weapon in those murders. So today Nemo Davis walks the streets of Detroit, a professed hitman who along with Smothers killed many people -- all because Worthy's office has refused to charge them for the killings for which she had already sent Davontae to prison. I wonder how many people Nemo has likely killed since then. Pretty scary.

Roberto Guzman

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