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Monday, 23 September 2013

Victims of the system

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List of names of the guys who died @ Central Prison in Raleigh, North Carolina due to being denied adequate medical care.
1.  John Jones
2.  John Flemming
3.  General Miller
4.  David Williams
5.  George Page
6. Gary Green
7.  James King
8.  George Kelly
9.  Marcus Jones
10.  Leroy McNeil
11.  Charles Munson
All of these gentlemen were elderly & were denied adequate medical care that resulted in their deaths.  This is how the staff @ Central Prison treat the inmates.  When they complain of having a medical problem, staff ignore or deny the existence of the problems.  When you continue complaining, they'll give something (that doesn't help or causes other issues) just to say they gave you some for of treatment.  Staff waits until their health problems becomes critical & then say that they cannot fix the problem or that the problem is untreatable.
They put the death prisoner into the prison hospital, dope them up with pain pills & either overdose them or give them something to speed up their deaths.  Central Prison call themselves saving money by not providing the prisoner with the treatment they really need & by killing them so the state wouldn't have to spend money executing them.  The entire time, the prison charges the prisoner $5 everytime they seek treatment for the problem, bill Medicaid for giving the prisoner bogus medical attention & they receive funding from the federal government to provide prisoner with medical care.  They are making unemployed prisoners on death row pay to be killed medically unknowingly.
This is the "SYSTEM".

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