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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Thoughts Of Justice By, Ethel Lopez

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Bottom line...I shouldn't matter a rat's rank rump whether anyone is white or black, democratic or republican, jackass or elephant, monkey or goat...what matters is that all people are treated fairly.  That starts with the one occupying the Presidency and Congress.  All of these labels are why this country is in the condition it is in right now.  They need to stop thinking about their Party and th...ink about what is right and good for the people.  I have yet to see this happen anywhere in this cesspool called the US Government, and that includes ALL OF THEM!  I don't give a rat's jackass about which Party affiliation they belong to.  What I do care about are the issues we. the people of the US are dealing with every day, and none of the neither Democrats or Republicans give a fart.  This country would be so much better off if we just got rid of this party affiliation crap and just deal with the issues, as people.  Stop talking so jackass much and start listening to the people, and what they have to say; not just a chosen few; not just those who you think will agree with you, but also those who may not.  They need to allow themselves to be open to ideas from those who are on the outside looking in, for anytime one removes himself from the situation, you get a better view.    The US people are suffering because those in charge of the country SUCK! STOP trying to run other countries when you can't even run this one.

 Brenda Pearl White

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