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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Freedom To Begin Gift Card Campaign!

Freedom to Begin!
Sara Kruzan’s Gift Card Campaign
*Brought to you by Sara’s “Official” Team*

Freedom Fighters, though she cannot go back and make a brand new start, Sara can still begin a new chapter of her life with our help and support!

And trust us, she is ready! Once released, Sara will leave over 19 years of a life of incarceration behind her. She will exit the Central California Women’s Facility with, literally, the clothes on her back. Let’s help pull her up and give her a chance for a fresh new beginning.

Forces for Sara believes that we should "lift as we climb." Help us lift Sara! 

We can all agree that, whatever personal belongings we had when we were 16 years old, wouldn't do much to help us in our lives today. Imagine having far less than that, at 35.  FreedomFighters, here is your chance to help Sara get a jump-start on her new life out here.  Here is your chance to give Sara a personal gift of love and support from you.

Introducing Team-Sara's Homecoming Gift Card Campaign:

We ask you to think about the things YOU would like to give Sara to welcome her home. Make your contribution in the form of a Gift Card of your choice and value. A gift that expresses what we all wish for Sara; a helping hand, and a way for her to finally experience the joy of being able to choose for herself.

There is so much that is needed.  We've started a small list of suggestions but hopefully Sara's Freedom Fighters will have some more great ideas to add to the list.

For Anything & Everything
-- Visa/ Mastercard Gift cards : 

--Target : target.com

-- Ikea: ikea.com/us
To purchase an Ikea GiftCard, please call:
Americans : 1-800-434-IKEA , your credit card number, value, and IAMSJK address for shipping.
Foreigners : + 1-888-888-4532 and give them the same info as above

--Sephora : sephora.com/giftcards
Foreigners call: +1 877-737-4672

-- MAC: maccosmetics.com
If outside the USA - cannot purchase :(

-- Ticketmaster: ticketmaster.com
-- Books (Amazon) amazon.com
-- SoCal Amusement Parks

-- Macy’s: macys.com
If outside the USA - cannot purchase :(

-- Starbucks: starbucks.com/cards

Freedom Fighters, please add to the list. Most companies will let you purchase Gift Cards online, so just as Sara's physical freedom has been obtained by supporters who have acted in total disregard for their physical distance, your helping hand can still reach her, no matter where you are.

Please include your email address when sending your gift. Sara’s team will send you a confirmation email that your donation made it and to thank you of course! All gifts and gift-givers information will be logged for Sara’s  perusal (so that she knows where to send the thank you note).

Please send your gifts from the heart to I am SJK’s mailing address:


 I am SJK ~ TeamSara
7918 El Cajon Blvd
Suite N-265
La Mesa, CA 91942

If you have any questions or ideas of your own...please feel free to email Sara’s team at: forcesforsara@gmail with GIFT CARD CAMPAIGN as your subject line.

*This is an effort being made on Sara's behalf from her team. As her friends and part of her transitional support team, we would like to ensure her a happy, healthy transition back home and welcome you to join forces with us to make it happen.

United for Sara’s Freedom & Happiness,
~ Forces For Sara

I am SJK: www.IamSJK.org
FB: www.facebook.com/forcesforsara

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