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Wednesday, 18 September 2013

New Abolitionists Radio

Tonight New Abolitionists Radio will be joined by Activist and Citizen Journalist blogger Robert Perkins who is our guest host for The Overseer Chronicles to discuss the Charlotte, NC police killing of Jonathan Ferrell.

Robert Perkins is a resident of Charlotte, NC and a brother who speaks truth to reality. He hurts feelings, inspires. He makes people think and pisses em off all at the same time. He says his mission is simple, to get people, mainly black people to look at the world through a better set of eyes. To open as many minds as possible while he’s here on this earth. Robert says “God gave me these gifts for a reason, I choose to share them with you.” Several of his Youtube productions have reached half a million viewers with his hard core style messages.

A new petition has been posted to the White House petition website asking that the 13th Amendment be changed. Very similar to the one we posted but back then the requirement was only 25,000 signatures, now it is 100,000 signatures in 30 days.

Tonight's Abolitionists profile is William Wells Brown (November 6, 1814 – November 6, 1884).

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www.StatCounter.com/myspace/ - Free myspace Profile Counter

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