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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sat 10/19: In Honor of Trayvon Martin, the play "Political Incarcerations...

In honor of Trayvon Martin

For Our Children Productions, The Let's Go There Collective,
Jericho Boston, and Mus!kavanhu Art Gallery

Political Incarcerations, Torture, and
Persecution of Freedom Fighters
throughout US History

Saturday October 19
Doors open at 2 PM
Performance at 2:30 PM
Hibernian Hall
184 Dudley St, Boston
Free entry
(Donations appreciated)

Though there are many young men of color whose lives are violently cut short and disregarded 
by the vicious white supremacist system, the death of Trayvon Martin and the subsequent verdict 

in the George Zimmerman trial have come to symbolize a significant turning point in the brutal 
war on black and brown people. Trayvon's life and legacy reflect a break point in youth 
consciousness; no longer can folks tolerate the realities of injustice. 

This event in honor of Trayvon Martin will feature an audience interactive performance highlighting 
the struggles and exploits of New Afrikan  (African American), Latino, and Native American heroes 

and heroines throughout American history. It's not just a dramatic performance. It's a challenge to 
the people-- a call to action!

Following the play there will be a community discussion and Q and A with the writer/director of 
the play: Jihad Abdulmumit, former political prisoner.

Please join us!
(flyer attached)

"We Must Pick Up The Work To Free ALL Our Political Prisoners & Prisoners Of War!"

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