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Sunday, 24 March 2013


 Courage has a name: It is Diana O’Hara. Diana is a survivor of the Magdalene Laundries operated in the United States by the Good Shepherd Sisters, a Roman Catholic religious institute for women.
The order is among those that are being charged with the enslavement and abuse of thousands of woman in what are called “Magdalene Laundries.”
Diana’s childhood slipped away while she was trapped by walls of stone and hearts of barbed wire.
At the age of seventeen Diana O’Hara walked away from the Good Shepherd Laundry in Albany New York, but a part of her still remains there.
As a survivor of child abuse, I understand the trauma that can be caused when your innocence is stolen and your childhood has been vandalized. Diana O’ Hara struggles each day with the pain of what happened to her as a helpless young girl, but she lives her life as a beacon of strength and an example of an indomitable spirit.
Each day she lives her life as a victory over those who tried to break the spirit of a “big mouthed Irish girl” who became one of the most courageous women

 Diana (words of an inspring women who overcame what life thrown at her )

When I was finally released from these "convents" filled with medieval madness, a kaleidescope of tortured memories would spin in my head ...the entire experience was so bizarre that there was no sense that could be made out of it ...one cannot make sense out of evil ...Then I came upon the movie The Magdalene Sisters and there was my life in a movie ...It was then that I realized there was nothing random about any of this ...this was ORGANIZED ABUSE across the board ...I woke in the middle of the night last year and it all became very clear to me ...the greed, the corruption, the story ....and I got up and wrote I AM THE VOICE....The Magdalene Laundries/Good Shepherd Convents were here in America and it is a part of our history that has been kept in the dark ...NOT ANY LONGER ...Girls, young women being locked away is not acceptable ...it is an OUTRAGE ....our babies were taken ...this is not acceptable ...it is an OUTRAGE ...I am putting a shout out to any girl/woman who was "sent" to one of these places to please step into the LIGHT and join us ...Your experience is a part of all of our experiences ...we need your voice to make this happen ...We need all of you ...RISE UP WITH US ....SILENT NO MORE ...

Rolled razor wire on top of the wall that surrounds the Good Shepherd Convent ....this is where I was sent to do "penance" ....

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