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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Humphrey Deion Hill aka HD also known as DaddyLong

My name is Humphrey Deion Hill aka HD and I am also known as DaddyLong. I was born and raised in Niagara Falls NY, straight out of the projects of Unity Park (UP). I was born with many talents; god above has blessed me with a singing voice, dancing, acting skills, and a natural comedian. God has also blessed me with lots of energy,determination and a Heart of a Lion..Im very humble and I have respect for everyone..and my goal is to become my own Brand worldwide online and be my own boss !!!
I started out as a member of the Mastercrew (breakdancing crew) way back in the day. Then I ventured over to my first r&b singing group named Hard Harmony, three members-me (Humphrey Deion), my boy lead singing Daniel "Nuk" Brown now known as Mr. Askew, and Darren "Jaz" Vincent the owner of Red Cafe, a literary lounge in Charlotte NC. As a group we started making our first bit of money by performing in southern Canada and surrounding cities including Western NY, and eventually grew on to open up for Boys II Men in Philly. We remained a group thru out early 90s. In the late 90s, I went solo and luckily got a independent deal by Erupt Ent. in Canada That’s when I recorded 7 mixtapes entitled Daddylong, which is the name I don’t go by anymore but the supporters/fans still call me that. That’s where I realized how deep n passionate I am about my music. I started packing clubs in southern Canada n USA when performing, pushing n selling cds and posters at my shows, and ladies showed extra love by givin me a nik name “Mr.No Shirt”. Women began really showing even extra love as time went on and it was very overwhelming at times; had me second guessing was I sure I wanted this because I’m so private. I stuck in the game thru a few major obstacles while living in Orlando, Florida at the time. My mother got cancer and I fell into a depression and literally quick for over eight years. I quit my job, left Florida and came back to upstate NY in took care of her fulltime for three years straight. Well God blessed us, she beat cancer and survived an open heart surgery and now is doing fine. So I got my heart blessed with love n strength by the Lord, who I love n trust. I took alot of time and cried my chest off, and learned that to trust in God and hand over all of that heavy weight off my shoulders to him. I’m Blessed and back; full of energy, amazing stamina, electric stage presence, and Hungry. My sound is a bit of the old mixed with the new r&b and hiphop. I’m often told I sound like the king of r&b R. Kelly, which is a blessing to me. I love music with a message or story. I’m very versatile, and I do all kinds of music, which you will see as time reveals. Keep Your Eyes Open and On Me, Be Blessed ............HD

episode 1 ..HDmusicTV
LovmyladiesMusic proudly presents HD,of Niagara Falls NY..UPSTATE !!! Singer,Songwriter,Actor,Model is Spreading out online Worldwide with his Vlog HDmusicTV on YouTube @HDMUSICTEAM....Go Subscribe...(click LIKE on FB Fan Page -HD aka DADDYLONG) Twitter@HDMUSICTEAM..and send yr FB friendrequest to Humphrey HDmusicteam....SHARE SHARE SHARE
HD singing I WISH(RKelly cover): heres me in my first episode of HDmusicTV !!! http://youtu.be/glmBqIQbLVg via @YouTube
"Waiting For You" Artist: HD aka Daddy Long: http://youtu.be/SGzJ13pi4Qs via YouTube
Also heres afew Love Songs by me from my previous album..

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