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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Anonymous - Message To The People

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Dear citizens of the global community, this is anonymous.

This is an emergency notification for those who will listen: Anonymous has seen events unfold throughout the years. We have noticed how corrupt governments have grown more unstable and how wars have been set up.

I personally have known about the war with Iran for about 3 years now. But today, people are just starting to realize that this is going to happen. For years we have watched the decline of the Dollar and an even faster decline of the Euro. The United States Government is hiding this information from their people. You don't hear anything about the economy, or war or anything that bears any truth to it.

Unless it involves cooking tips or teen pop stars..

We Are Anonymous! and WE have awoken you realize that the government is trying to kill it's people we will not stand for this. The government of America is trying to censor the world's internet. Which would be a precursor to a worldwide government. If you do not believe that the world is lining up for a one world government. Then just use the internet, use it while you still can. The government is ruthlessly trying to censor the internet. When we defeated the last two internet censorship bills, two more were brought up.

I don't understand why the people is just letting this happen..

Are we, the people: Just so comfortable with our lives right now that we want to be left alone in our own bubble. Only until every last one of our rights are stripped away from us and we have nothing left but our jobs. If that is truth..

Then you are doing a great job..

People of the earth, now is the time to rise..

Anonymous is ready and you must be too. The one question that I must raise is this: Why do the government of the earth want to censor the internet?

Do they want to enrage every hacker at once? Send them a question and see how they respond? Tell the government that we are tired of political bribery , as times goes on this bribery has come an everyday hardly undetectable thing now. But with the help of the people we can make sure that those people never be elected to office again. While we still have the right to vote.

Brothers and sisters don't let the wars overtake us and don't let the governments and the 1% take our lives, they can't cannot control your mind or your spirits. Use it; Use what ever you have left that is not controlled by the government and take to the streets, take it to your work your school, your family, your friends, your neighbors and anyone that who listen.

If you further the message and human rights for anyone and everyone, you have mine, and every other member of anonymous thanks.

Always remember:

We Are Anonymous
We Are Legion
We are growing very rapidly
We are in your streets, we are in your school, we are in your workplace..
You may not find us, but always remember..
To: Expect Us.

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