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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Palestinian Political Prisoner Deported to Gaza in Violation of Geneva Conventions

PCHR: Sharawna deportation violates Geneva Conventions

Published today (updated) 18/03/2013 17:16

BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- The deportation to Gaza of hunger-striking prisoner Ayman Sharawna is a violation of the Geneva Conventions, a Palestinian rights group said Monday.

Sharawna arrived in the Gaza Strip on Sunday evening after signing a deportation deal to end an 8-month long hunger strike in Israeli jail.

Forcible deportation is a form of collective punishment prohibited under the fourth Geneva Convention which prohibits "individual or mass forcible transfers, as well as deportations of protected persons from occupied territory to the territory of the Occupying Power or to that of any other country, occupied or not," PCHR said in a statement.

The deal stipulates that Sharawna would stay in Gaza for 10 years before being able to return to his home in the West Bank.

A 2011 prisoner swap deal between Israel and Hamas saw 40 Palestinians deported to other countries and 163 to the Gaza Strip, PHCR said, calling for all deportees to be allowed to return home.

Sharawna, 36, is from the southern West Bank city of Hebron, and is married with nine children.

He was released in the Oct. 2011 prisoner swap deal between Israel and Hamas but was rearrested in Jan. 2012 and accused of violating the terms of his release.

Israeli authorities refused to reveal how Sharawna violated his release terms, even to his lawyers, and he was jailed without charge or trial.

Israeli prosecutors sought to cancel Sharawna's amnesty and jail him for 28 years, the remainder of his previous sentence. He went on hunger strike to demand his release.
Israeli troops detain Sharawna's brother

Published today (updated) 18/03/2013 17:45

HEBRON (Ma'an) -- Israel detained Jihad Sharawna at dawn Monday, hours after his brother was deported to Gaza following an 8-month hunger strike.

Israeli forces raided the home of 24-year-old Jihad Sharawna in Deir Samit, southwest of Hebron, and detained him, a Ma'an reporter said.

An Israeli military spokesman told Ma'an that one Palestinian was arrested in Deir Samit, and another was detained in Bani Naim, but he could not immediately identify them. He said they were taken for security questioning.

Amjad Najjar, head of the Hebron branch of the Palestinian Prisoners Society, denounced the arrest as an act of revenge to punish the Sharawna family.

Israel exiled Ayman Sharawna, a father of nine, to the Gaza Strip on Sunday in a deal to end a hunger strike he began in July to demand his release.

Sharawna, 36, had signed an agreement to stay in Gaza for 10 years, according to Qadura Fares, head of the PPS.

Fares stressed that Shawarna had signed onto the deal of his own accord. Palestinian authorities object to deportations.

Sharawna had been freed from an Israeli jail as part of a 2011 prisoner swap between Israel and Hamas, and then rearrested in Jan. 2012. Israeli prosecutors sought to cancel his amnesty based on secret charges and evidence, without a trial, and force him to serve the remaining 28 years of his previous sentence.

Sharawna was driven into Gaza in an ambulance through the high-security Erez Crossing under cover of darkness.

He was admitted to the main hospital in Gaza City, where he received a hero's welcome -- dozens of supporters greeting him with green and white Hamas flags.

Ismail Haniyeh, prime minister of the Hamas government, praised Sharawna as a "hero prisoner."
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