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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Find Mitrice Richardson

What happens when an officer speaks out against another officer? Retaliation, demotion, firing? While I do not condone the actions of Christopher Dorner, I have to ask what he was trying to tell us? I am brought back to the officers who may know what happened to Mitrice Richardson on the night that she was arrested and released into the darkness. What would happen if one of those officers came forward with what they know or suspect? Would it be the end of their careers? Would there be retaliation? I am also brought back to a comment that was made by an officer who apparently observed the interaction between Mitrice and sheriff deputies, “The night this nonsense happened,” he said, “I was one of the guys that kept away from this, minding my own business.” I would ask that this deputy come forward and clarify this statement - what nonsense was he referring to and why was this not his business? What other guys were with him and kept away, minding their own business? What would happen to them if they all came forward?

An excerpt from the Malibu Surfside News (Oct. 2011) said it best:

"If the culture of silence that pervades law enforcement in general is an impediment to the protection of those most in need of protection out in the field, is it possible there are people at Lost Hills who know more than they have made public because of the fear of retaliation? Is someone remaining silent because they fear losing their job, or even their life, as has been alleged in some of the LASD scenarios that have been reported downtown?"

See full article here: http://www.malibusurfsidenews.com/stories/201110/201110200003.html


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