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Monday, 25 March 2013

Juvenile Prison: Lake County, EP4 "Ruby, Carlton"

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Majority of the Kids portrayed in "juvenile Series" is below 18 therefore these videos is more strictly monitored and any sexual slurs will be removed, Repeat acts will be blocked. There has been numerous incidents so far, please think two seconds before you write, thank you for understanding.

Special Edition- 6 part from Lake County Juvenile Prison.
Special Investigation: Lake County Juvenile Justice - Ruby, Carlton, Paradize: Once a week, staff from the Lake County Juvenile Detention Center transport kids to facilities run by the Indiana Department of Corrections. Seventeen-year-old Carlton has a history of violating probation. As a result, he has been sentenced to Indiana Boys' School, a juvenile prison run by the Department of Corrections. Nearby in the girls pod, seventeen-year-old Ruby has learned that she too will be leaving the detention center. Ruby's mother has had her arrested and put through LCJC seven times. Now, like Carlton, Ruby is headed to juvenile prison. Fifteen-year-old Paradize is also a familiar face at Lake County Juvenile. Like many kids at LCJC, Paradize's history includes an unstable home life. While on house arrest, Paradize was closely monitored by the probation system, but it wasn't long before family drama escalated once again, leading her to cut off her ankle bracelet and leave.Two weeks later she was caught and returned to Lake County. Her fate: a foster care situation, group home or residential treatment.

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