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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Message from PP Marshall Eddie Conway

Uhuru Comrades 
I have just received word from Marshall Eddie Conway, a political prisoner held here in Maryland State, and he has informed me to spread the word to the public that he is about to go back to court on June 24, 2013 and that if all goes well that he will be set free in mid-July! He is also asking that all his supporters and friends come out and pack the court house! As more information comes in we will keep you informed.
Eddie is a member of the Black Panther Party (BPP) who has been held for approximately 43 years as a political prisoner by Maryland State! He is a victim of the illegal counterinsurgency war that is still being waged against the Black community. During the 1960's and the 1970's the Black Panther Party (BPP) came under ruthless attack from the United States government through the use of the FBI illegal counterintelligence program know as COINTELPRO! This illegal operation resulted in comrades being incarcerated, forced into exile and murdered and today after all these years we have still not recovered fully from this!
Eddie, like many of our political prisoners and prisoners of war, has accomplished much while illegally incarcerated for a crime that he did not commit! We in the Maryland State Jericho Movement (MSJM) Chapter fully support Marshall Eddie Conway, as doesthe entire Jericho Amnesty Movement, and we believe that should he be returned to society he will have much to offer! There is much that we can learn from this noble comrade! This comrade has received a collage degree and has been a mentor to many of our youth while incarcerated! He has worked with Friends of Friends to reduce the Mass Incarceration rate of our youth and provide them the chance to change their lives for the better!
He has informed me that he plans to visit our elder, another political prisoner/prisoner of war Sundiata Acoli upon his release! He also informed me that we must continue to educate the community about this noble elder as well as educate them about the legacy of all our political prisoners and prisoners of war currently held hostage! Eddie has always expressed to me his interest in the care of all his comrades who have been incarcerated and/or are living in exile!
We encourage people to show their love and support by writing Marshall Eddie Conway and if they can make a donation to him! Let us not forget the legacy of this noble comrade and those who have put their life on the line so that we can be free and live the life that we are living today! Let us support them and show them that they have not been forgotten, let us take a stands for their freedom-Uhuru Sasa!
 Marshall Eddie Conway#116469 can be contacted at:
Jessup Correctional Inst.
PO BOX 534
Jessup, MD 20794

 We in the Maryland State Jericho Movement (MSJM) Chapter can be reached at:
PO BOX 2623
Baltimore, Maryland 21215

email address: jerichomdst@gmail.com 
Or you can contact me at Abdul Jabbar Caliph at:
cellphone number 610-621-0699 or through email at Abdul Caliph abduljabbarcaliph@gmail.com>


"We Must Pick Up The Work To Free ALL Our Political Prisoners & Prisoners Of War!"


Free All Political Prisoners!

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