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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Poverty is not an accident, it is man made.

Tuesday 06 January 2015. Poverty is not an accident, it is man made.

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Dear Mr Cameron,

"Poverty is not an accident, like slavery and apartheid it is man made, and can be removed by the actions of human beings. Overcoming poverty is not an act of charity, it is an act of justice" - Nelson Mandela.

Poverty is not an accident. The only way 'accident' can be applied to poverty is in being born into it. It is as much an accident of birth to be born into poverty as it is to be born into wealth. Everyone has chance/accident in their life, but living a life where chance is the only option is no life at all and certainly has no place in governing a country. 13 million people in poverty, over half in work, cannot live by chance, hoping their benefits will come through, or that working hard might pay off, that they might get a raise to a liveable wage, decent hours and a fair contract or win the Lottery on odds of 14 million to 1.

Life from birth onwards is a rigged game, in terms of wealth it favours the few at the expense of the many. The majority of the working poor are exploited, doing vital skilled or unskilled work, with no cap on the profits that may be extracted from their labour to benefit the business.

The minimum wage is an entirely unjust wage, well below the amount people need to live on. It is exploited by companies which are perfectly capable of paying more, but chose to pay the minimum they can get away with in law, but a way has even been found round that thanks to your government stripping away employment rights. The astronomic rise in zero hours contracts just means hundreds of thousands of people being plunged into work and life insecurity through exploitation.

When Osborne told the 2013 conference, "We are the party of hard working people", he was dead right, you love hard working people and support every means to exploit them imaginable.

Welfare in this country is now so appalling that reports of deaths and suicide are commonplace. Iain Duncan Smith increasing the minimum sanction to four weeks is entirely at odds with the reality of most workers who live week by week. Taking away the means of survival from the poorest people in society is a guarantee they are plunged into chaos and despair.

Poverty, Mr Cameron, is violence and a government driving its people into poverty is an obscenity. Taxation is the peoples money to benefit the nation in all manner of ways, including those businesses who do their best to evade or avoid them, and yet your attitude towards working people is one of social obligation with little or no reward, indeed your parties attitude is one of slash and burn and to hell with the consequences.




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