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Saturday, 24 January 2015

People For Schapelle Corby #SchapelleCorby

Schapelle Corby is 100% innocent, and her own government hid the proof for self-interest: for political expediency and to preserve the revenue of its generous paymasters at Macquarie Bank (owners of Sydney Airport). They sold her life without a second thought, and allowed the media to lie, vilify, smear and censor the truth. She was expendable.
She could have been anyone: your parents, your child, your brother, your sister, your friend.... you.
If this is not exposed, there will be other Schapelle Corby’s, other lives ruined, other people destroyed, tortured or even killed, at the altar of corruption and greed. There already are, in other scenarios, as the corrupt state-media machine grinds on, ignoring human rights and the lives of ordinary people, and protecting the powerful and privileged.
This has to be confronted and stopped, and Schapelle Corby's case is so absolutely clear, so well documented, so conclusively utterly incontrovertibly proven, that it can change society for ever. It can help the people to see the big picture. That is why they continue to censor, to hide, to abuse her. They fear her, they fear her voice, they fear the truth being exposed to the public. They fear the Expendable Project and all the documents it holds.
Fear alone, however, isn’t enough. They have to be confronted. The people have to learn, have to see for themselves, and have to care enough for each other to make a stand.
When that day dawns, justice will prevail, not just Schapelle, but for all.

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