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Saturday, 24 January 2015

It All Starts With An Eviction Notice

PLEASE SHARE THIS FAR AND WIDE X X X On the 23rd of January WeWillBeHeard.org (Jessica Mccarnun, Stephen Lathwell, Dan Mane, and Heather Mccarnun) slept out on the streets with the homeless. Jessica wanted to do this on her birthday, to raise awareness, and raise much needed funds for a unique charity. A charity that doesn't take any administrative costs away from the donations received. What we found is hard to fathom, and the situation is dramatically increasing daily. The authorities think the answer is eviction, eviction, eviction. Even if people sleep outside with nowhere to go, they get evicted from sheltered safe spots. Where can the homeless go? They eventually lose everything, over and over again, a circle of pain, that keeps repeating. It's time to imagine a better future, and take a stand. We need more shelters, supported housing for vulnerable, affordable homes, be allowed the use of derelict buildings for renovation, and regulations for private landlords. However there's no quick fixes, and people are losing their lives because they are faced with impossible situations. Together if we use our voice, our hearts, and reach out to connect the links that have sadly been broken in our society. We can help those in need until we reach our goal of a better future for everyone x Thank you to everyone for reading this, and sharing x WeWillBeHeard.org

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