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Thursday, 29 January 2015

People For Schapelle Corby # Schapelle Corby

With the Bali Two under increasing threat of being brutally shot in Indonesia, it is inevitable that the sewer of the Australian media will seek to use Schapelle Corby to draw attention from both developing events and from some of the most central facts of that case.
They, and particularly far right publishers like News Corp and the Daily Mail, will, at all costs, avoid exposing the central role of the AFP. They will publish smears, fabrications and lies, to desperately prevent scrutiny of the actual events of April 2005. The fact is that the EXACT SAME PEOPLE were involved in both selling the lives of the Bali Nine to Indonesia, and hiding the proof of Schapelle Corby’s innocence. The EXACT SAME PEOPLE, in John Howard’s corrupt government, lied, covered up and deliberately misled the public.
To prevent this uncomfortable truth emerging, which would create intense pressure on Tony Abbott, we will see a number of fictitious and fabricated articles and productions, all geared to shift attention and blame. Schapelle Corby, who has nothing to do with any of it, will again be shamelessly used and abused. She will be misrepresented, and as always, they will sneer at her innocence and censor the material which proves it. Yet again, she will be vilified and ridiculed by those who lack even a hint of integrity or decency.
For anyone who is still unaware of the nature of those who call themselves journalist in Australia, the article below was published a couple of months ago. It outlines some of the abuses and crimes perpetrated by the media against her, over the last 10 years. It is well worth reading again.
In the meantime, be prepared for another onslaught of lies, smears, censorship and abuse: of an innocent woman who cannot even answer back due to a human rights abusing gagging order. It’s obscene cowardice, but it’s what the Australian media does best.
In Australia, media crime isn’t limited to the lurid practices exposed by the Leveson Inquiry in the United Kingdom. Down under, it is pervasive, and thrives in a culture of sleaze, duplicity and unremitting mendacity. This becomes absolutely clear if focus is narrowed to one of that nation’s most obsessive media stories: the disturbing case of Schapelle Corby.
Incitement, prejudice, and provocation are pivotal words, particularly when set in a legal context. When used to influence those who are likely to abuse, or commit criminal offences, they often constitute criminal transgression in themselves.
Yet, in Australia, a significant number of individuals commit these infractions habitually, with absolute impunity, from under the all-embracing and protective umbrella of journalism. They abuse, they vilify, they fabricate, and they smear, witch hunting their victims without let or hindrance. In this case, the witch is a tormented and illegally gagged woman, with her family being burned for good measure.
They have proactively and relentlessly engendered and promoted hostility and hate amongst those sections of society which are most susceptible to their toxic influence. They have exposed an entire family to direct risk, and indeed, to the most offensive of online harassment and slander.
They have created an environment and culture in which real people have been dehumanised, character assassinated, and presented as legitimate targets for public contempt and animosity. They have created fear.
At the same time, and on the same case, they have censored as a matter of routine, directly protecting those who are genuinely guilty of serious criminal offences from legal consequence. The misconduct and corruption of the powerful and the privileged has been buried.
Again, in a legal context, this exercise of wilful suppression also constitutes a criminal offence.
Documentation which conclusively evidences gross malversation by named politicians and AFP officers has been wilfully hidden from the public, and replaced with material which is known to be fictional and false. Schapelle Corby and her family have been ruthlessly misrepresented and smeared, whilst ministerial correspondence which directly exposes the culpable, by their own hands, remains bereft of any media coverage whatsoever.
Major developing news stories have also been suppressed. A recent example was the censorship of the findings of a Supreme Court Judge, to whom the President of Indonesia had assigned the task of reviewing the case itself. At the height of the Canberra-Jakarta spy-gate scandal, he found that Schapelle Corby should never have been convicted, and made a number of serious allegations relating to the AFP.
The mainstream media in Australia refused to report any of this. Once again, an enormous story, of long-term national significance, was censored completely.
The human rights and privacy abuses perpetrated by Australian journalists against Schapelle Corby herself have been documented on a number of occasions. Within the confines of the prison she was exploited repeatedly at the behest of the Australian media. Often, she was forcibly displayed for public curiosity, and denied even the pretence of privacy, with fellow prisoners paid large sums to fabricate and take photographs of her. For a period, even her movements within her oppressive cell were secretly recorded on a hidden camera.
Following her release on parole, she has been harassed and stalked, with even the private details of her parole interviews being reported nationally.
In another disturbing development, Australian journalists have proactively and repeatedly pressed Indonesian officials on the most untenable of false rumours and scenarios, creating significant pressure to withdraw her parole status. Routine concessions which are granted to every paroled prisoner, have been endlessly questioned in her case, and only her case.
Following relentless and unprecedented media exhortation, she has also been gagged: her human right to free speech has been revoked. If she exposes the corruption identified in Canberra, or the media crimes perpetrated against her, she will be re-imprisoned for a further three years. If her sister, Mercedes Corby, speaks, then likewise Schapelle Corby will be re-imprisoned for three years.
It should equally be noted that her own government support and endorse this ongoing abuse, with not a word of protest spoken from Canberra. She has nowhere to turn.
In Australia itself, Schapelle Corby’s family has been subjected to an unmitigated campaign of intrusion and privacy breach. Phone hacking, the placement of recording-bugs, hidden GPS devices, and other illegal activities have been revealed. Even supporters have been targeted.
Members of the public have been offered extreme inducements to fabricate and support the most damaging of fiction. Others have been threatened and intimidated. Genuine fear has been engendered.
Again, politicians remain aloof and disinterested, refusing even the courtesy of a response to a multitude of complaints and cries for help.
This litany of malfeasance is neither theory nor allegation. It is self-evident to anyone who cares to examine the material retrieved from across Canberra’s cumbersome departments and institutions. The cache of internal cables and transcripts have been published on the website of The Expendable Project. It is there to see. The endless flow of media abuse has been meticulously recorded and archived, with many examples openly documented on the same website.
There is no scope for doubt about any of the above.
Yet the perpetrators remain unchallenged and at liberty. They hide behind a badge of convenience, demeaning the term journalism, and exploiting the notion of a free press. They are protected by multiple veneers of deceit and self-interest.
Instead of being arrested, charged and jailed, on social media they openly back-slap and congratulate each other on their latest slurs, abuses, and acts of flagrant censorship. They sneer, and ridicule members of the public who dare to approach them asking for honest journalism.
These individuals are allowed to disturb the moral compass of society itself. Their position enables them to exert a toxic influence which is unfettered and unrestrained. They are allowed a free reign to commit what are, in any other context, criminal acts against both individuals and society as a whole.
This situation is fully sanctioned by editors, media proprietors and politicians, not only with respect to the Schapelle Corby case, but more generally.
Whether this is collectively referred to as media crime or another term, it is well past the time that society addressed it, and called those responsible to account. They cannot, as individuals, be placed above laws which other citizens would be imprisoned for breaking.
Until these fundamental issues of restraint and integrity are confronted, the media will continue to be a scourge on Australian society rather than a safeguard of democracy. It will continue to stain the reputation of journalists and publishers globally.
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