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Wednesday, 7 January 2015


There were 180,000 court cases for TV licence offences
There were over 170,000 Tenants taken to court for repossession
There were over 53,000 Homeowners taken to Court for repossession
Hundreds of thousands of people were taken to Court for Council Tax.
Councils charge varying amounts for the issuing of summonses. Bailiffs charge £75 for writing to you, £235 for the first visit and costs go on.
Being poor is a crime and yes you can go to prison for debt.
The stress and anxiety of debt can and does frequently cause mental illness which in turn places a burden on the NHS and to the criminal justice system.
The austerity cuts far from saving money are in fact costing the Tax payer more. Each eviction costs the local borough as it by law has to sort the problem out, normally temporary accommodation will cost 3 - 5 times what rents would.
Taking a child into care costs over £3000 per week
Placing someone in prison over £700 per week.
Austerity in itself is a misnomer that is unnecessary - never before have Governments fed the people such rubbish and yet the deficit and debts have been far worse in the past.
Check out:
Austerity is no more than a war on the poor with the intention of grabbing more for the rich which is basically the same as any war. The poor are being treated as an enemy, without empathy or sympathy. Deaths, hunger, starvation have all been proved beyond doubts - yet still it is denied.
Labour and it's leader Ed Balls, do not be fooled into thinking it is Miliband, have avowed continued austerity. If you think they are the answer please get your head out of the sand - I rely on the Scots to lead the revenge against Labour.
People are being oppressed, suffering, going hungry - it isn't about gangs, parties or who is popular. I don't do this to be popular or any other reason than helping those who need it

Carl Green

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