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Friday, 9 January 2015

Asylum of Our Lady of Refuge, Buffalo

This institution, founded in 1855 by the Roman Catholic order of Sisters of Our Lady of Refuge, and incorporated under the general law, January 14th, 1866, is located on Best street, in the northern part of the city of Buffalo.
Its objects are to provide a home for fallen and abandoned women, desirous of reformation, and to afford temporary shelter and protection to young girls exposed to temptation, and to assist them in obtaining suitable employment. Idle and vicious girls are also committed to the institution, in accordance with law, but the several classes are kept separate.
The principal building constituting the asylum was erected in 1868. It is a substantial stone edifice, plainly but comfortably furnished, and is well suited to the purposes for which it is designed. The building will accommodate about one hundred and ten inmates, and a brick structure near by furnishes ample room for work shops. Connected with the institution are four acres of land, the greater part of which is under cultivation. The buildings are inclosed, thus guarding against intrusion, and preventing the escape of inmates.
The institution is managed by its founders, and from its establishment has
 been maintained by donations and voluntary contributions, and by the labor of the inmates.

Diana O'Hara

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