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Saturday, 24 January 2015

The Irish Water Rising

Directed and edited by Marcus Howard. Has your blood cooled? Let it rise with the Irish Water Rising. A selection of clips and footage concerning how Irish Water is being managed regarding how it can still be privatised and reaction to it from the demonstration on December 10th. There will be another nationwide demonstration on January 31st. Filmed by Marcus Howard and John Lawlor. Featuring Vincent Browne, Stephen Donnelly, Catherine Murphy, The Detroit Water Brigade, poet Maximum Homosapien, Clare Daly, Paul Murphy, Richard Boyd Barrett, Mary Lou McDonald, Brendan Ogle, Audrey Clancy, Derek Byrne, Brian Leeson, BrĂ­d Smith, Damien Dempsey, Glen Hansard and the people of Ireland who travelled far and wide to let their voices be heard. A selection of Facebook and Twitter groups are in the credits if you need help organising for 2015.

#irishwater #watercharges #right2water

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