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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Terrance Bowman-Taylor 02/27/14 Update

02/27/14 Update
Per medical staff @ Central Prison; Terrance does not qualify for a theuraputic mattress, physical therapy, etc. despite what MRI/CT/X-Rays have been proving.  Per Ms. Boston @ Central Prison, nurses have access to prescribe inmates medication without the doctor seeing the inmate, they have access to renew prescription orders without the doctor checking the pt.  Symptoms changes every day and doctors outside of the prison gates DO NOT give nurses access to write a prescription order to their patients nor are the patients allowed to get a prescription order without seeing the doctor so why should medical staff within the prison have such privileges to do such.  Our loved ones are NOT guinea pigs so stop using them to try out these drugs.  The medical staff are slowly killing our friends, family, and loved ones.  I was informed by prison staff if Terrance isn't receiving adequate medical care he's to file a grievance; WHT?  Why should these inmates have to file a grievance at all; just give them the adequate medical attention then further problems could be avoided.  Medical staff gives Terrance Neurotin & Baclofen. 
Terrance have been suffering from multiple neck & back problems. 
Nerve damage affecting the right side of his body, causing muscle atrophy; weakness in arms, shoulders & legs; acute pain, numbness in neck, left shoulder, arm, hand, right leg & foot (EMG/NCV results of 05-12-11)
Cervical Neuropahty which is caused by bonespurs on right side of his spine (proof: MRI results of 09/2713)
Cervical spinal canal stenosis caused by herniated disk at C2, C3, C4 levels pressing on spine from left side (MRI results of 09/27/13)
Dextroscoliosis of Thoracic spine caused by having cervical & lumbar spinal injuries (X-Ray results of 02-06-14)
Lumbar neuropathy caused by herniated disk pinching nerve in lumbar spine despite surgery of

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