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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

National March Against Deaths In Custody Birmingham. Please share

National March Against Deaths In Custody Birmingham. Please share https://www.facebook.com/events/615386608527919/http://fb.me/1lpTjKU5k
March for Justice 4 Kingsley Burrell on the 3rd year anniversary of his death on 31.03.2011 and still Justice Delayed Justice Denied.
Trainee security guard Kingsley Burrell, from Hockley, Birmingham, dialled 999 for police help in March 2011 when he was out walking with his 5-year- old son, claiming he was being threatened by a gang.
Officers who arrived at the scene detained Burrell under the Mental Health Act despite him having no history of mental illness. He was sectioned hours later and taken to the Mary Seacole mental institute in Winson Green.
Three days later police were called to the unit following an “incident” and Burrell was transferred to Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital where he died on March 31.
Year One:
The family of Kingsley Burrell had to fight one year for the release of Kingsley Body for burial while the officers were still on active duty and not suspended
Year Two:
4 Police officers refused to be interviewed so it took 2 years for the officers to be arrested on suspicion of manslaughter and interviewed under criminal caution.
Year three:
2 files have been submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in 2013 to decide whether any individual will be prosecuted. However history dating back to 1969 with over 3,000 deaths in custody to this very day in 2014 show us there has never been a successful conviction of a Police officer in British history. Most recent cases also follow suit and confirm this tread of impunity and perverse verdicts ie Ian Tomlinson, Mark Duggan, Anthony Grainger and thousands more

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