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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Anonymous #opTim - Free Tim Haries

Free Tim Haries:

Greetings citizens of the world. We are anonymous.

The plight of Tim Haries has recently come to our attention.

We are not surprised that this government wishes to keep a father quiet and lock him away in prison. When a citizen of this country has a story to tell, that the government do not like, they become an easy target for the justice system!

Tim Haries was a man that had tried to do what you, the court system, wanted him to do.

He did everything you told him to do.

He filled out all of your forms.

Paid you all of his money.

But it was not enough for you!

You took from him everything he had and then you took his children. You allowed their mother to do everything to stop Tim from seeing his children! You took away their father. You took away his life.

Now, you have taken his liberty.

This is not acceptable!

When did a painting become more valuable than the children of this country?

When did it become acceptable for a Judge to set free a peedophile, but jail a man whose only true crime was to ask the queen for help?

Christopher Arno, 21, had 874 vile images of children on a computer when arrested at his grandmother's house in Bexleyheath, Kent, in May 2011.

The images included 200 graded at level five, which can include scenes of torture.

Arno admitted 13 charges of possessing indecent images and could have been jailed for 18 months. Judge Alistair McCreath, at Southwark Crown Court, said that by looking at the images arno was complicit in the abuse. But he told the defendant he would impose a 12-month community order as he "was still young" and locking him up with other sex offenders would "make someone like you worse".

But, this very same judge told Mr Haries, "You caused damage to the painting, disappointment to those who had come to see it... and almost certainly some degree of offence to many people who would regard an attack on a portrait of the monarch as unacceptable."

Tim was sentenced to 6-months in jail, but Arno, the paedophile, walked free. Where is your justice?

When has having images of young children in sex acts and in scenes of torture less serious than an act of protest?

When is the disappointment of people wanting to see a painting more important than a father?

When did the monarch become more important than two children who have had their father taken from them?

When a man has nothing left to lose, why are you surprised that he must resort to desperate measures to get your attention?

Unfortunately for you, Tim Haries could not be beaten. We will support him in beating you and the corrupt family justice system you have created.

Your enemy is now the parents of this country. We will protect our children and the children of our children.

We are grandparents.

We are mothers.

We are fathers.

We are anonymous.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect, us.

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