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Friday, 21 February 2014

**ATOS - The Future**

A lot of people are asking 'What do we do now' in light of the release of the article yesterday stating that ATOS are 'Outsource Group Seeks Exit from UK £500m Benefits Contract After Death Threats' - 

Atos had already stated they were ending their WCA contract with the Govt's DWP early. This is not to say that the Atos Nat'l Demos were not a success - THEY WERE A SUCCESS AND MUCH MORE!

There are three major corporations baying at the bit to snatch up and secure the Govt's DWP/WCA contract right at this moment, namely:
2) G4S
3) CAPITA (the 'scent on the wind' is that it will be CAPITA)

By all means keep up the momentum of pressure by continuing to boycott ATOS Centre's as this will send a clear message to the new in-coming corporation of our disdain and ability to expose them.

'Yes, the Demonstrations were a success but this week, next week, next month those envelopes will still drop through the doors of disabled people telling them to attend WCA's or stating they are fit to work in jobs that simply do not exist.' ~ Carl Green.

As for profits and share-holders, it seems highly co-incidental that ATOS's share's dropped on the same day as the Nat'l Demo's:

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=770041719691632&set=a.415228958506245.118814.259364897425986&type=1&theater (thank you Glenn Ltb Mrosek)

As one of our readers, Martin Riemer, aptly said:

'A German saying: "The customer is king"

With regards to the 'death threats' ATOS say they have received. Currently and at this present time these are heresay, speculation and/or rumours. I would suggest that until ATOS release substantiated evidence and/or a completed or ongoing police investigation, their accusations should be treated with as much validity as rocking horse poop.


We need to go to the source IMO. Target and challenge the Govt directly.

1) Lobby MP's locally as Sarah Hemingway says - work.htmlhttp://www.parliament.uk/about/contacting/mp/

Contacting your MP
Contacting your MP, MPs have public contact details so their constituents can get in touch. In most cases you can write, phone, fax or email.

Use the power we have as a UK citizen and constituent. Book an appointment with your MP on their open surgery days and inform them of what is going on with personal ATOS/WCA stories AND factual evidence of ATOS with reference to monetary misuse/tax avoidance etc -


2) For those that can get to London I recommend looking into attending any Select Committee hearings relating to anything DWP/WCA and Bedroom Tax.

It is free to attend, you can just turn up and walk in/wheelchair/triolerator/walking-stick etc. You will learn much more by being sat in a room feet away from either IDS or Lord Fraud. It also un-nerves them which may be a pleasant experience for some of you -


This list is by no means exhaustive.
Please add thoughts/ideas.


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