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Friday, 21 February 2014

People For Schapelle Corby

Kim here. Obviously the facts surrounding Schapelle's case are now seriously worrying those in the corridors of power, because they've stopped ignoring the irrefutable evidence of cover-up and corruption and started attacking it. That's a clear sign we have them on the run. 

To-day, Rupert Murdoch's rag "The Australian" published a series of lies about The Expendable Project (which is excellent advertising for it, thanks Murdoch, you and your squalid mates are now wearing your desperation on your sleaves). The first one I'm tackling in this post is "The Lie" quoted in this graphic. But before I continue, let's re-hash Murdoch's well-documented, slimy past of lies and cover-up, seen here . . .


. . . so he's not a reliable or trustworthy source (something of an understatement that).

Now without question, Schapelle's boogie board bag was (quite illegally), NOT scanned on its way to Indonesia - and here's the evidence: http://www.expendable.tv/2011/09/transit-report-24-missing-records.html

And here's the direct evidence ALL bags going to Indonesia at that time (from Australia), legally required scanning (scroll down to page 21 & check out the 6th dot point):http://www.airsafety.com.au/avpol04lcp/avpol04lcp.pdf

The Murdoch article also claims (amongst many other lies & distortions), that former senior Australian Customs officer Allan Kessing does not support The Expendable Project. So (for the record), here's the extended interview he gave to the Project's researchers:http://www.expendable.tv/2011/09/allan-kessing-interview.html

So quite clearly, Allan Kessing DOES support The Expendable Project.

I'm also sure a much more detailed dissection of Murdoch's chronic crap is on the way.


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