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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

It's been a day of deep reflection,

It's been a day of deep reflection, tears, anger, determination, togetherness. Pain, loss. Many emotions, many powerful stories, many memories that will be with me for always. Tonight, my thoughts are with everyone who has been affected and is going through the hell of an atos assessment, wether it is the work capability assessment or Personal Independence Payments.

For me, a day of tears, anger, determination, and a deep resolve. That no matter, what, it is now this government we get out, David Cameron, and Iain Duncan Smith, and George Osborne. That from today, as said in my speech today, we will not be gagged, we will not be silenced, and we continue with our quest for justice, our fight for rights, and we will never stop campaigning for rights to live as independently as possible in society, the same rights as everyone else. Until then we will never stop campaigning.

It's been a long road to get here, and we have further to go. But today, from two years ago, more people heard us, workers walked out in solidarity with us, buildings shut. That is something I will take away from today, that and this.

as the yellow balloons drifted into the late afternoon sky, I read out my piece of poetry Lest We Forget, I looked up in the sky as the balloons drifted up wards to "the words I feel you in the wind in my hair" and in that moment, all my friends were right there...

To all those we have loved and lost, we will never ever forget you, rest in peace.

Thinking of you all tonight, wherever in the world you are, am sending out hugs and love to all of you, take care now. xxx

Paula Peters

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