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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Ungrateful racist Britain!

A letter a day to number 10. No 612.

Thursday 02 January 2014. Ungrateful racist Britain!

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Dear Mr Cameron,

I am mightily sick of the xenophobia which your government, the media and, indeed, much of the public seems to revel in. The ill considered prejudice and hate against immigrants is an affront to decency and dignity and history and leaves me feeling sick, ashamed and angry at the ignorance displayed by so many.

So let's start with the incredible arrogance and destructive power of Britain's Imperial invading immigrants who built an empire based on Britain's interests and which exerted incredible destructive power on the nations they invaded. This was a land and resources grab, indeed rape, on a global scale. Not a single country in the world saw a rise in the general well being of invaded populations until the invaders were ousted and those countries regained independence from the immigrant Imperial invaders. As has just been revealed Britain ordered the destruction of documents across the empire to protect its dirty Imperial secrets in an information purge code named 'Operation Legacy'.

In the UK, however, immigration has been the backbone of the NHS from the very beginning as immigrants were eagerly sought from Britain's colonies to make up for the desperate shortages of nursing staff, but were they received and welcomed in what they thought of as 'the mother country'? Hardly.

Immigrants from Barbados in particular were vital to the development of London Transport, the capital could not cope with its growing transport needs. People vital to the needs of Britain's recovery from the war were encouraged and enabled to come here and yet were met not with general gratitude but with racism and rejection and were often unable to even find housing.

What about the infamous Irish navigators, or 'Navvies' so necessary for building Britain's infrastructure of canals, railways and roads? They were treated to squalid temporary 'housing' and paid on a daily basis. When they were unfit to work, far from being looked after, as they built for the nations wealth, money was deducted from their wages and they were given welfare tokens for a bowl of soup and a bit of bread.

Last but not least place, in this very brief history of Britain's shame, must go to the colonial troops who fought and died in two world wars only to see the survivors abandoned after the wars by the very country they had fought for. The famous Gurkha Justice Campaign shows the appalling hypocrisy of an ungrateful nation which wasn't resolved until 2009 when Joanna Lumley shamed the British government into granting the Gurkas the right of settlement in Britain.

Britain, a country where far too many people think hating immigrants makes them morally superior. The ignorant mindless ingratitude sickens me to my bones, including your own.









— in Peasedown Saint John.

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