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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Jail Brooklyn Judge Esther Morgenstern:

Jail Brooklyn Judge Esther Morgenstern:
Judge Esther Morgenstern is absolutely corrupt, and she belongs in jail.
What Judge Esther Mickey Morgenstern does in her devils playground judges have been jailed for. When Judge Esther Morgenstern, a Brooklyn, NY domestic violence judge stole one of my children on August 15, 2012 for no reason at all, I did not know what to do. She gave my son to an unfit, drug addicted, unemployed alcoholic with an open criminal case for abusing a child.
He has no contact from me, his stellar awesome protective mother in the community.
Judge Morgenstern besides following me on Twitter, put fake charges against me, she tried to silence me with fake warrants for my arrest, and giving my abuser who has served time for stabbing someone an order of protection to kill or beat me. Like mafia bosses she put a hit out on my life, and if my ex kills me or attacks me he is protected by her fake orders. She and her cronies invented, and manufactured fake evidence against, me and when that was disproven she invented a fake default judgment and stole my youngest child anyway, ILLEGALLY! She wastes millions in taxpayers money to perpetuate her fraud, deception, dishonesty, scandals, and corruption.
I recently wrote a book about her. How she rigged my case and destroyed my family, my child’s life, and other families like Artemis Schwebel, and Kevin Topsey. There are articles about her Hitler ways, and how she is deceptive and creating a “NEW HOLOCAUST” in her courtroom.
Just like judge Mark Ciavarella was finally jailed for running cash for kids schemes in Luzerne County Pennsylvania, destroying over 4000 children lives, and jailed for 28 years, and having all his decisions overturned, which to some that committed suicide was way to long for justice to be served. Judge Esther Mickey Morgenstern belongs in a jail cell next to judge Ciavarella.
“A Little Lynched- Amber Alert: A judge Ordered Kidnapping”
New Book
A Little Lynched: AMBER ALERT – A judge Ordered Kidnapping

Aleah Holland R.N.


  1. I am the Author of the book, and I started this petition against Judge Ester Mickey Morgenstern. I send much healing and love towards your life as you deal with this strife.