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Monday, 13 January 2014

Amidst Serious Israeli Escalation, Detainees Start Hunger Strike

Saturday January 11, 2014 22:42author by Saed Bannoura

[Saturday January 11, 2014] The Palestinian Ministry of Detainees has reported that Palestinian political prisoners held at the Israeli detention facility ‘Ramon’ started a hunger strike to protest the latest serious Israeli assaults carried out against them.
Rami Al-‘Alami, a lawyer of the Palestinian Ministry of Detainees, said that the situation at the Ramon Israeli prison could lead to confrontations, especially after four units of the military have continued their assaults against the detainees for the third week in a row.

The soldiers, accompanied by military dogs, broke into the cells of the detainees, violently searching them.

The Ministry said that the detainees discovered that there are hidden cameras in the walls of their rooms, and protested against this serious violation of their rights.

Detainee Abdul-Salam Shokry said that, after the detainees found the hidden cameras and protested the violation, the Prison Administration and the Israeli Security Agency decided to attack the detainees and retrieve the cameras.

Shokry added that the soldiers caused excessive damage to the detainees’ property, broke their electrical equipment and forced the detainees into solitary confinement, in another section, after cuffing them and forcing them to undergo a strip search.

The issue led to clashes between the detainees and the soldiers, who also attacked and struck several detainees, including Kamal Abu Shanab, Yousef Barghouthi, Ibrahim Ziyada and Ahmad Ka’abna.

The prison administration also decided to move the representative of the detainees, Kamal Rajoub, into solitary confinement.

Shokry said that the situation at Ramon prison could deteriorate even more and lead to clashes, should the army and the prison administration continue these violations and assaults.

He said that the detainees started a gradual hunger strike on Saturday, a strike that could lead to an ongoing hunger strike by the detainees, and added that the detainees filed 49 appeals against the Israeli violations.

Former hunger striker Imad Batran seized again by occupation forces

by samidoun

Former Palestinian prisoner Imad Batran, who engaged in a 105-day hunger strike to protest administrative detention without charge or trial before his release last November 14, was seized once more by Israeli occupation forces on January 12.
According to the Palestine Center for Prisoners Studies, military forces stormed Batran's home in Ethna village near Khalil, beat him and took him directly to Ashkelon prison.
Amina Tawil said that intelligence officers had threatened Batran a week
ago with re-arrest when he was called to interrogation by occupation military forces; she said that Batran had told his wife that he intended to engage in a hunger strike again if returned to administrative detention.
Batran had been held for two years without charge or trial before his release in November; he ended his hunger strike when occupation authorities pledged to not renew his detention. His brothers are also held in Israeli prisons: Tareq is serving a life sentence; his brother Mohammed is being held without charge or trial in administrative detention in Ashkelon.

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