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Friday, 17 January 2014

Stand Up for Schapelle Corby

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  • Schapelle Corby is innocent. The Australian Government knows Schapelle Corby is innocent. The Indonesian Government knows Schapelle Corby is innocent. 
    Ms Corby was the victim of a corrupted airport baggage handler who planted 4 kg of cannabis in her bag after check-in at Brisbane Domestic. The cannabis was to be retrieved at Sydney Domestic by another corrupted airport baggage handler but for reasons known this did not occur.
    Corruption is rife in Australian airport services, which translates to the trafficking of illicit substances. However cannabis is not trafficked internationally from Australia, it is moved domestically through our airports. Cannabis sells at much less value in Bali than on the streets of our Australian cities. Aside Schapelle's nightmare, there are no reports, ever, of large quantities of cannabis smuggled to Indonesia. Does not happen. There is no profit motive.
    The Kessing Reports (2002, 2003), The Wheeler Report (2005) and the WikiLeaks released (February 27, 2013) Stratfor cable (from tactical analyst Marko Primorac) describe the extensiveness of corruption in Australian airport services and how passengers are used as unwitting drug mules by corrupted airport baggage handlers.
    The Australian Government has to set aside perceived "geopolitical reasons", a skewed sense of the "national interest" and stand up and admit the extensiveness of airport services corruption, the pernicious and endemic trafficking. They must do, at long last, what is right by an Australian citizen, thus far who has been cruelly stranded.
    The tragedy of Schapelle Corby is even worse than the deplorable tragedy that befell the family of Azaria Chamberlain. The Indonesian Government wants the Australian Government to formally publicly admit the extent of the rife drug trafficking through Australian airports and that they will commit to doing much more to reduce the corruption and trafficking. If the Australian Government does this, Indonesia will release Ms Corby.
    The Australian Government has a responsibility to Ms Corby - to bring Schapelle home. If Schapelle makes it home, the Australian Prime Minister on behalf of the Australian nation must apologise to Schapelle, and then strive to provide every restitution to Schapelle so that at least the remaining days of her life are lived as best as possible. 
    The body of evidence of Schapelle Corby's innocence is not just overwhelming, it is definitive.

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