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Friday, 31 January 2014


The sad fact is that social workers snatch babies at birth for "risk of emotional abuse" from hundreds of UK mothers who have not committed any crime! Worse still, those mothers are forbidden to go to the media to protest and threatened with jail if they do! All subsequent court proceedings leading to "forced adoption" are secret with jail for anybody rash enough to tell the public who appeared, what they said, or what was decided and why, in our so called "family courts"!

We, the undersigned are petitioning for the secrecy of the family courts to be opened and campaigning for the ‘Gagging Orders’ to be removed from parents who have had their children illegally removed by the state and social services. Gagging orders are all too often placed on parents by a secret family court system to prevent them from talking about their story. This must be lifted immediately.
Return our children who have been stolen under false pretenses. The damage done to them is a serious violation of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child and cannot be undone.

1. We request all children who were taken because of ‘emotional harm’. The separation from their natural parents and relatives by far exceeds any emotional harm claimed by Social Services.

2. We request all children who were taken because of the ‘risk of future emotional harm’. This figment of legal imagination is used in secret family courts, but cannot stand up before a jury of people with common sense. 

3. We request the return of all children who were taken at birth and thus denied their right for breast feeding. A precedent judgement by the current President of the Family Courts keeps being ignored. 4. We request the return of all foreign national children. 30 embassies have expressed concerns about UK Law:

SCOTUK - One Voice for the Kids
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 https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/abolish-the-secrecy-in-the-family-courts-and-remove-the-gagging-orders?source=twitter-share-button via @38_degrees

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