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Friday, 31 January 2014

Former death row inmate Timothy McKinney arrested

I am sad to announce that Timothy McKinney, 39 years old was arrested in Tennessee. Tim is someone that suffered greatly at the hands of the Tennessee criminal justice system. He was convicted of killing a Memphis police officer Don Williams in 1997 on Christmas day and spent until 2013 on flawed charges on death row. McKinney trial ended in two mistrials before he was able to win his freedom through a plea agreement. Some people that are innocent are forced to accept plea agreements in order to win their release.
In November, 2013 in the State of Texas I spent three amazing days with McKinney as we spoke of the change in society and how some street gangs were totally disrespectful toward older people. Its easy to judge and to point fingers, especially at someone that is viewed as a ex-offender, however when placed in a situation of survivor in these streets it is at total odds with what someone must do to survive. 
I spent 28 years inside an Illinois State prison, McKinney 15 years. Society have changed so much that it took me time to adjust to the disrespect by those in it. Being released less then eight months I witness kids pointing a toy gun at police. I informed the kids to please put up the toy gun and to not point it at police. Well the kids did not listen and one was seen pointing this toy gun toward a police car that was parked in a McDonald's parking lot. Police responded shooting one of the kids dead.
Parents do not listen until something bad occur to their children. I am confident that Tim did what he did to protect himself and not out being someone raining terror on the community. Many of you ignore this, but want to call me and plead with me to examine cases in which your love one's are incarcerated. As I stand with my brother TIM, I can care less who like me or who hate me. I am here to provide direction not conflict. If you like your love's locked up inside a prison based off of what you are unwilling to do...then the system loves it.
Tim is a amazing brother and I request your prayers for him, write him, send him books and please lets change how we show appreciation and love toward each other.

Tim McKinney
Tim McKinney

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