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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Keep the Pressure on the PA Parole Board for the Move 9 This Monday 1/6/14

Ona Move Everyone !

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Happy New Year ! It's 2014 and The Move 9 have been unjustly jailed now for 36 years.
They are now 5 years officially past their parole minimum. Enough is Enough! We have to keep the pressure on the parole board over the issue of MOVE being illegally held hostage in pa prisons at the hands of the parole board.

Call The Pa Parole Board  this Monday at (717) 772-4343

(1) Question The Parole Board on the issue of their being two former police officersFeathers and White sitting over these hearings when the case of The Move 9 revolves around the frame up for murder of a cop.

(2) Question them into why are they ignoring the fact that seven out of eight of them were all given approval for parole by the Warden and Counselors of their institution.
This is a serious issue that we can't afford to get lax with this, so let's keep the pressure on.

Ona Move 

Orie, Mona, Ann

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Free All Political Prisoners!

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