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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

URGENT: Help Stop Protective Mom from Going to Jail Wednesday!

  • 205 Newbury Street, Portland 04112, Judge Jeffrey Moskowitz

  • Our KID in DANGER: Mila's Mom, Lori Handrahan, Ph.D., is being threatened with jail for speaking out about how her daughter is not being protected by Judge Jeffrey Moskowitz, Cumberland County, Maine, USA. PLEASE SHARE WITH ALL FRIENDS!

    If you are in Maine, please attend the hearing on Wednesday. We need people there to support Lori and witness what takes place.

    You can call Judge Moskowitz during working hours at:
    (207) 822-4269

    You can say something like:
    "I am watching whether you protect Mila and punish her mom for trying to protect her Wednesday.

    This is not an ex parte communication because I am not a party to the case. I am aware that family court judges all over the world are dismissing and covering up evidence of abuse, especially sexual abuse, and giving full custody to abusers.

    I am asking you to do the right thing and allow Mila to come back to her mother.

    who is working on family court reform. Tell him that Lori's case is typical of thousands of cases in family courts all over the world. And that we need to stop judges from punishing mothers with loss of custody who are trying to protect their children.
    Senator David Dutremble
    (207) 229-6587

    Here is a sample email:
    Dear Senator Dutremble,

    Thank you for your efforts at reforming the family courts regarding GAL's, but did you know that judges are an even bigger problem? When mothers try and protect their children from sexual abuse in family courts, they are punished with loss of custody.

    Unfortunately it is a well-documented fact that these cases are not being investigated or adjudicated properly and children are being routinely placed into the sole or joint custody of molesters and rapists. They are often removed from the protective parent (usually the mother), despite no clear or convincing evidence that she has abused the child. [See the research at: www.SafeKidsInternational.org]

    We want you to be aware that there is a case being heard in Portland Family Court before Judge Jeffrey Moskowitz on Wednesday which fits this pattern. A little girl name Mila has been taken away from her protective mom, Lori Handrahan, Ph.D., and given to her identified abuser. Evidence of abuse has been dismissed and concealed and Lori is being severely retaliated against. She is even facing jail, all because she dared stand up for her child.

    We are working on legislation mandating juries in all child sexual abuse cases. We are hoping you will sponsor or support it when it is ready.

    [your name, title and organization if you have one]

    PROTECTIVE MOM LORI has been severely retaliated against, like most mothers who try and protect their children from Court Licensed Abuse. The retaliation against mothers who try and protect their children from sexual abuse by the fathers is legendary and fierce. Lori's case is a perfect example of it. Please support her in her time of need.

    Every step of the way, Lori has been threatened, censured and silenced, for doing what mothers are morally and legally required to do: protect their children.

    From J. P. Johnson, J.D. about Mila's case:
    “As a member of the New York Bar, I am shocked at the failure of the legal system to safely protect this innocent child. How this crime is allowed to continue is devastating to the confidence we are supposed to have in our legal system.

    The family court in Maine is broken if this has been allowed to happen, but to make matters worse this child is broken in spirit, innocence, and trust. Society is failing her gravely. Who is going to be bold enough to protect her in Maine?

    Who will remove her from the torture chamber disguised as a home but is really a house of horror for this little girl? Children have been removed from family for far less in their best interests. We can all recall Federal agents liberating Elian Gonzalez from a loving home guns drawn and battle gear on.

    Cannot the same Department of Justice and FBI remove Mila and place her in a safe home until the matter can be thoroughly investigated. Mila’s mom cannot do this alone. The Governor of Maine, Federal authorities, and the media need to step up and champion the rights this child has been denied for far too long.

    The goal should be for her upcoming birthday at the end of the month not be allowed to pass without law enforcement and the rule of law giving her the greatest gift of all her dignity and safety. Mila be brave! Help is on the way. There are good people trying to free you.”

    From the petition to save Mila:
    "Mila is an adorable little girl who was born on the 29th of November 2006 in Portland, Maine. The darling little Princess has dual nationality of Ireland and America. Mila is just like any other child; she loves her Mother, her friends, Winnie the pooh, Dr Seuss, Charlotte's webb, puzzles, Cooking, Flying, computers and climbing anything she can get her hands on.

    She is a child with a huge heart... she once told her mother she wanted to live in Africa so that she could take care of the baby elephants. A promise to this day her mother has not been allowed to fulfill.

    See this child is not just any child, she was stolen from her loving and caring mother to be put into an abusive home. She came home from a visit with her father and had signs of sexual abuse; it hurt her to go to the toilet, she had inflamation and UTI as well as blood and skin cells in her urine.

    Her mother secretly filmed Mila talk about what her father was doing to her yet the 38 year old Dutch national still has not been charged. Maine Child Protective Services has failed this little girl, and the family court Judge Moskowitz denied this child a safe childhood, by not putting this child in a safe home BOTH the state of Maine and Judge Moskowitz have ABUSED this child! When you side with an abuser, you too are an abuser!

    Even though the parents have joint custody, Lori has been denied access since the 10th May 2011. Again Moskowitz has abused this child by not reinforcing the joint custody agreement.

    It is not only Mila's father, the state of Maine, and Judge Moskowitz that are abusing this child but also shockingly enough the US govt! The US govt have refused to deport the the ILLEGAL alien from the country, as he claims to have been the victim of domestic violence even though police reports show that it was he that abused Lori!"

    Links to more information:
    FB page: https://www.facebook.com/SavingMila

    Protective Mom unfairly fired from Her job:

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