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Friday, 26 April 2013

Interogation in which Devontae Made His "Confession" that has sent him to prison

In the video we named "Doesn't Appear to be Concerned", a few minutes before this review of Devontae's "confession", he appears unconcerned. Here, the demeanor of the detective gives this young mentally challenged boy more of the impression that he is an English teacher going over the grammar of a document. He has no idea he is about to slam the door on himself for life!

Doesn't Appear to Be Concerned

Just prior to the "confession", Devontae checks out the camera. He has a smile, an expression of a boy playing with a camera. Is that the kind of expression we would expect from a boy who is about to "confess" to the murder of several people? He doesn't seem to even know he is in trouble.

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