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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Prison: Raw: Prison Love.

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Lockup: Raw was running an episode that explored love behind bars, and that it would include discussion of gay relationships in prison.

Though same-sex relationships behind bars was the first subject tackled, the emphasis was not on anything that most gay men would identify with. Three of the men interviewed were identified as "gay", but one was actually transgender and wants to become a woman, which is a different situation altogether. Another of the gay men didn't have any relationships, intimate or sexual (the bulk of his interview focused on his explaining that he likes to "look like a girl" and how no one has friends in prison), and the third was a foot fetishist involved in some sort of relationship with another inmate (we see him massaging the other man's foot while he is interviewed).

These men are of course free to do whatever it is that makes them happy while they are incarcerated. But I have to think that there are plenty more gay men in prison whose situations and stories were not represented here, where the emphasis was on sexual gratification, not love. I'm not sure what happened to the couple pictured above, but they were nowhere to be seen.

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