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Monday, 15 April 2013

Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants: Margaret Thatcher & Her Legacy !

Respect For the Unemployed & Benefit Claimants: Margaret Thatcher & Her Legacy !: Important Message regarding the funeral next Wednesday of Margaret Thatcher & demonstrations that are planned against it ! ...

This is what Thatcher and Thatcherism did to our people.

Our on-line tribute will be for:
* The Unemployed thrown onto dole
* The Miners
* The Shipbuilders
* The Steelworkers
* The Old that Froze to Death
* The Old that Couldn't Afford Food
* The Thousands Made Homeless because of the 'Poll Tax       .
* The North
* The Disenfranchised­ Black Youth
* The Lost Generation of Young
* The Hillsborough families
* The men dead in a conflict designed to win her an election
* The men traumatised from the Falklands War
* Northern Ireland

* OUR my mam and dads
* OUR Grandparents
* OUR brother & sisters
* Every LGBT kid who committed suicide due to Section 28 in schools
* The teachers
* The victims of gaybashing which were never investigated due to pressure from her government
* The gay men stitched up and banged up for being gay

* The women of Greenham Common who were beaten and had their kids forcibly taken into care for no reason!
* The men and women assaulted in the Battle of the Beanfield!
* The men and women consigned to the scrapheap
* The services that used to belong to all of us and now PRIVATISED & are badly run in the hands of the rich
* The country that used to stand for social justice and created The National Health Service
* The mentally ill thrown out on the streets
* The children abused in care homes and ignored or worse abused by some in her government

On the day of her funeral - We remember the real victims of Thatcherism & conservatism.

It's not wrong to 'speak ill' of the dead if they did wrong & did ill deeds to others in life. It is right that we work to combat the legacy they created going forward - to progress we must remember & understand that past - NOT forgive & forget.

This does not make us negative or ignorant -it means we learn from history & apply those lessons in the present & future !!


United we stand, divided we fall

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