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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

ACTION ALERT! Justice for Shifa: 7 Year Anniversary of Unjust Imprisonment

Greetings Community of Truth and Justice,

Greatly appreciate you all spreading the word about the following action alert and supporting Shifa Sadequee!
Thank you.


April 17 will mark the 7 year anniversary of unjust imprisonment of Shifa Sadequee. He is currently serving his 17-year sentence in a “secret” US political prison (Terre Haute, IN) for crimes he did not commit. In April 2006, the FBI commanded the Bangladeshi military to kidnap Shifa 12 days after his wedding and held him captive in an undisclosed location. He went missing in action for days and brought back to New York City in a “secret” CIA rendition aircraft. 

A US citizen by birth, Shifa was tortured in pre-trial solitary confinement for over 1,300 days and subjected to prison violence in the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary. The US targeted Shifa for translating and publishing ancient Arabic-Islamic scholarly writings, working on a website and speaking out against US violence abroad. He was targeted for political speech and activism. 

In their attempt to intimidate Shifa, the FBI-US Government led an unconstitutional terror campaign against his family and community through its surveillance tools, fear tactics and corporate media to isolate and silence  them from the world. The government’s terror agencies, including the US Secret Services, harassed the family in an attempt to mute and scare them away from sharing their truth with the world. 

In his self-representation at his trial in 2009, Shifa challenged the imperial-government’s narrative of his case and the Atlanta Federal Court and exposed the fabricated charges and mechanisms of the US-empire building projects of the War on Terror against Muslims and the global community. 

The US continues to bar Shifa’s speech and interactions with his family and the outside world in its control unit for political prisoners known as the "Communication Management Unit” in Terre Haute, Indiana. However, Shifa’s family continues to fight for him and challenge the narrative of the state and the injustices of its terror campaigns on communities of color and immigrants.
·  We remember Shifa for his courage, resiliency and speaking truth to power! 

·  We remember him for choosing to speak up and giving voice to many others whose voice have been erased and wrongfully taken away and silenced by the Imperial US-Legal System.

·  We remember him for giving us courage to break the silence and strength for collective resiliency to strive toward transforming state and community violence.

Shifa is missed and loved by his family and community.  Stand in solidarity with Shifa’s family and take a moment to write to Shifa or send him a post card for giving us the courage to speak out against fear and oppression.
Show your love for justice!

Write to Shifa!

Ehsanul Sadequee #1524-0006
P.O. BOX 33

For more information visit: 

Facebook: Justice For Shifa


Free All Political Prisoners!

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