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Monday, 15 April 2013

A Victim / Survivors' Story Bonnie Green

( a moment in her memory )
I am that girl that someone just wrote about. I would be left to gasp for breath n the nun held my inhaler in her garment pocket they refused to give it to me. They would tell the other girls to KEEP ON MOVING, SHE (me) WAS DOING THIS FOR ATTENTION!!!
I can promise you I was abused by the simple fact that they would leave me lying gasping for air. One nun would stay with me and tell me to get up n move along. One incident outside of a classroom I had been begging for my inhaler, I was told to just calm down. I remember leaning against the cold wall with my hands pushing against it trying to slow my breathing and trying to take air in but I couldn't. On this day I fell to the floor half conscious n my head pounding from lack of oxygen. I held my head as the pain felt as if my brains were going to explode. I couldn't talk I just kept fighting for air. I couldn't cough I was in terror! The Nun came closer to my face and said stop it RIGHT NOW!!! Obviously I couldn't she grabbed me n took me to the Hall where I lived n I sat at the table in the parlor while everyone looked on like I was a Freak I cried n gasped n as I continued to suffer for many hours Mother Augusta walked over and handed me my rescue inhaler. Now even trying to get the Proventil into my lungs was near possible. I kept trying till I was able to get a wisp of medicine into my lungs. Slowly I began opening up enough to regulate my breathing enough , however, the headache continued so excruciating I had to hold my hands around my head to stop the pressure pain from lack of oxygen yes abuse took place in many ways including making me work in the laundries with its humid air that would trigger asthma attacks all the time They dealt with the problem of my working the laundry by having me work there two days instead of 4. I worked the laundries while in the intake hall n not my entire time there.
One day while walking in single line to the laundry Mother Dominica slapped me so hard across the back if my neck that for three days my vision was blurry. Why did she hit me? I was laughing on line!
The girl who tried to jump----I pulled her in and saved her. Sister came out n made me help the sodality sisters carry her down into dungeon beneath the building. They threw her in there bleeding from her mouth because the two girls who rushed over at Mothers command, threw her on the floor n her mouth hit the ground. I believe her teeth broke or were knocked out! She was crying and screaming all the way. I kept telling her not to worry I was there for her. They threw her in a room made of stone. I never knew this part existed till that day. Mother took out a big key n locked her in. She was still screaming, I went to the little window n yelled let her out just let her out she is bleeding. I was told I could stay there too if I didn't stop. I said call a doctor, Mother said as I was pushed up the stairs no one will be told of this. As we entered into Eudes Hall again a riot was taking place, screaming and yelling and asking where is -----, I was pushed back toward my bed n told to stay there n stay quiet! Somehow that night was resolved but girls were beat up and girls transferred.
I never saw the girl who was thrown in the dungeon again!!!!


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