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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Listening Post - Margaret Thatcher's final call

'As divisive in death as she was in office' is a phrase that has frequently been repeated in the British media since former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's death on April 8. And nowhere was that more true than in their own coverage.

Depending on where Britons get their news, Thatcher was either an 'Iron Lady' who rescued the UK and modernised its economy, or an elitist who looked down at the working classes and crippled British industry.

Britain's right-leaning press, many of which are owned by key Thatcher ally Rupert Murdoch, stood in her favour while the liberal press seized on the opportunity to criticise her policies and blame her for some of Britain's current problems.

To discuss the media legacy of Margaret Thatcher we are joined by: the Guardian's Simon Jenkins; Peter Oborne from the Daily Telegraph; journalist Maggie Brown; and James Curran, a professor of communications at London's Goldsmith's university.

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