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Friday, 17 September 2010

Urgent ~ Please E-mail and Call For Jamie Scott ~ Once Again Jamie Needs OUR Assistance ~ Dialysis

Please e-mail and/or call Drs. Gloria Perry and Zein-Ahmed and request that Jamie Scott #19197 is allowed to have dialysis TODAY upon her return to the prison. Jamie was not given dialysis this morning from 5am-9am as scheduled before attending her grandfathers wake. Mrs. Rasco is very concerned that she will not receive this treatment today. Dr. Gloria Perry - gperry@mdoc.state.ms.us (601) 359-5155 Dr. Zein-Ahmed - MZein-Ahmed@mdoc.state.ms.us (601) 359-5155 You may cc and call the following if time permits. Margaret Bingham - mbingham@mdoc.state.ms.us 601-932-2880 Christopher Epps - CEPPS@mdoc.state.ms.us Epps ph. 601-359-5600 Thank you -- in the past we have been able to obtain treatment as a result of the many phone calls and etc Nancy Lockhart. http://www.freethescottsisters.blogspot

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