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Friday, 17 September 2010

New Charges in A.L.F. "Lone Wolf" Case

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Walter Bond is charged with two more arsons in Utah
From Voice of the Voiceless
In a new development, Walter Bond has been charged with the remaining two arsons claimed by the "A.L.F. Lone Wolf" - the Tandy Leather Factory, and Tiburon (foie gras restaurant), both in the Salt Lake City area.
Bond faces two counts of arson and two counts of force, violence and threats involving animal enterprises.
$30,000 in damages was done to the Tandy Leather Factory in early June when someone broke in and set the building on fire. $10,000 damages was inflicted on the Tiburon restaurant in July, when it too was broken into and set on fire. Both arsons were claimed by the Animal Liberation Front.
Bond was arrested in July after allegedly being caught on tape admitting to his brother that he was responsible for three A.L.F. arsons. It has been speculated since his arrest that charges for the remaining two Utah arsons would be forthcoming.
This comes just days after Bond's attorney filed a notice that he intends to plead guilty to the Sheepskin Factory arson in Denver, the first in a string of three arsons claimed by the "A.L.F. Lone Wolf". It is not yet clear how the new charges will affect Bond's announced guilty plea.
If found guilty, Bond could potentially receive twenty years in prison for each count of arson with a five year minimum. In addition, the animal enterprise counts carry potential five years each.
Federal prosecutors expect Bond to be transferred to Utah to face today's indictment when the Colorado case is resolved.
- Peter Young
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