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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Scott sisters - breaking news

http://api.ning.com/files/POx*hZVb5UW5iaA-NwEUVfgTtbLuTEtLo87HBgTnib4PMpZ15SQ*Zv9toQ5Ev50kfM55jHqXRovdfEAvmYAokr54iRMau38G/JamieandGladysScott.jpg JACKSON, Miss. -- Members of the Mississippi Parole Board are reviewing the Scott sisters' case to decide if the pair should be released from prison. Jamie and Gladys Scott received double life sentences for an $11 armed robbery 16 years ago. They aren't currently eligible for parole until 2014. Last week, nearly 200 people rallied asking Gov. Haley Barbour to release the sisters. Each parole board member individually writes his or her recommendation, which will be forwarded to the governor. "We will read trial testimony. We'll read the sentencing guidelines given to the jury at the time. I've already had the opportunity to review the voir dire from that trial from one of the sisters, and we've had lots of information already given to us," Parole Board Chairman Shannon Warnock said. "We will process this like we do all the other cases. We hope to have it processed by the end of the year." According to court records, the Scott sisters were found guilty of luring two men down a road near Forest, where three young assailants used a shotgun to rob the men. The Scott sisters have exhausted all of their appeals. Courtesy http://www.wapt.com/r/25120564/detail... Wonderful news, now we must all hope justice is served. We will put out a bulletin if there is anyway we can help. Maybe calls to the P & P board, we will let you know how you can help as soon as possible.

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